Friday, 5 October 2012

# 5: “To unpathed waters, undreamed shores...” Shakespeare

D Day !
Just went out for dinner with my Jay at The Pancake Manor – Mexicana Crépe entrée followed by an 'Ultimate' Crépe main: 2 French crépes filled with cream cheese, sultanas, lemon juice and vanilla, served with raspberry coulis, strawberries and vanilla ice cream - nom, nom,'t...move...
What a fine farewell, thanks dear one.

Now it's 9pm and I'm sitting on a comfy lounge at Brisbane International, with a few hours to kill, so I thought I may as well do a final post before leaving home. Should probably confess at this point; As we all know, the airport bar is stupid-expensive and I knew I'd feel like a drink..or two, so I filled my
water bottle with a lovely little Wolf Blass Cabernet Merlot before I left home and am enjoying it immensely! Ah, it's the little victories..
Ooooh, duty free, hmmm....

I had a bit of a light bulb moment yesterday. I've been worrying about the extra weight of all those books, since I don't really trust my old bathroom scales. I did order a portable, digital scale which was supposed to be delivered within 24 hrs – that was 2 weeks ago...gggrrr.
Then it occurred to me that Vets would have scales big enough to weigh a St Bernard, so I popped in to my local Doggy Doctor and weighed my bags; I have a 30kg limit and I managed to pack 29.9kg ! Damn, I'm good...

The next potential hitch is the weight of my carry- on bags. Although there's no mention of weight restrictions on their website, Malaysia Air do have a 7kg limit... full of books, my o 'night bag is 15 laptop bag, also filled with books, is another 9kg - '' ...books for the children at CCT, you say? No problem... let's get you on the plane and stow those bags before the rest of the passengers board - hope you have a wonderful time in Cambodia ..."

Sorted !

This last month has been so dreamlike, it's hard to believe I really am sitting here, staring out my little window as the lights of Brisbane fill my view. Of course I'm looking forward to having a whole new bunch of little friends to fill my days, but I can't help feeling a little sad at the thought of being so far away from my own precious children. Lucky Jay gives such Awesome Hugs, it almost made up for not being able to hug Jassie & Alex...almost...
Thank the 'Net-Gods' for Skype & Tango

Time for lift-off:
'...I'll see you on the flip-side..' 
'..arrivederci, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, hasta la vista.... baby.'

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  1. Just read this, Di!
    Glad I didn't read it at the time or I might have blubbered just a tad!!
    Wow, can only imagine what emotions you were experiencing at that time ........
    P.S. You done good girl with your bag limits !!!!!!!!!!