Sunday, 24 March 2013

#28: Battambang, Bugs and Goodbyes...

Saturday 9th March, officially slated Day of Rest at the no-kettle-and-no-room-service-after-8pm-Shadow of Angkor II. 
When I say 'rest', I actually mean let's traipse all over Siem Reap in search of the elusive Turkish Delight Tim Tam. An apparently rare species in this part of the world, not even to be found in 'western Style' supermarkets, like the 'Lucky', that cater to the exotic tastes of Aussie tourists..

After several hours of dedicated searching, punctuated by the odd 'refreshment break', we had to concede that the delightful Turkish Tim Tams were not currently frequenting this particular area of Cambodia and settled instead for a few delightful examples of the Honeycomb family and a few more of Choc-on-choc. Perhaps not as splendid as the TD variety, in plumage, but pretty damned tasty all the same..

Booked a Tuk-Tuk for 7.30am to do the 2hr trip out to see the Temple ruins of Beng Melea..
Our driver Tuk-Tuk us via the scenic route, (see what I did there...), which was absolutely beautiful ! 
A brief stop at "The-Best- Toilets-in-Cambodia" and we were all set for a couple of hours of scrambling over rocks'n'rubble..
One small step for me, one giant step for my li'l girl..and one split seam in new, quality, Cambodian pants...and no Jas, I can't see your pink-polka-dot knickers.
These ruins are from the same era as Angkor Wat but, being substantially smaller, they are much easier to see in a day and, since they have not been restored, are not as overrun with tourists.

Then a few manic weeks to show Jas around the 'Bong' & wrap things up for my month-long absence.
Took Jas to the Circus, Phare Ponleu Selpak - "Phsong Preng"

To a Khmer wedding -  Kan's adopted daughter..

Trivia @ 'Here Be Dragons' - (chili vodka shots), with Dani, Kate, Lavy (& 1 of Lavy's girlfriends..) & Lars..

 Sky Club - tehehe,
Doubling Jas around the insane streets of the 'Bong on a moto...sticking to the 'Drink & Drive' rules we've set in place : 
"If you're going to drink'n'drive, stay out late enough so that there aren't any innocents left on the streets.."
A brief visit to Phnom Sampov to see the bats and suddenly it's time to head back to Oz for Al's Graduation and a fun month of R & R...
With those hugs young man!

Thanx Kate & Dani for a Fine Farewell, thanx(?) Lavy for the bugs and thanx to Untac & Seavyi for the Hugs..

Mmmm...Frogs-on-a-stick, Crickets...and BUGS!!

Post-dinner collapse..once yo're sittin', there's only one way to go...It's too damned hot & we're too damned full to get up....

Lavy: "I swear to god.."
Me: " that would be to the god you don't believe in.."
Lavy: " yes..I swear by the god I don't believe in.."
Untac: " this is not going well Lavy..."


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