Tuesday, 18 September 2012

# 3: "If you're facing in the right direction, all you have to do is keep on walking." - Zen Proverb

Finally, real progress - I have my flights booked for Friday 5th October.
Cash Passport topped up..
Foreign currency sorted..
I have my International Driving Permit - although I'm not sure that driving around the streets of Phnom Penh or Battambang will be very conducive to my health ( or questionable sanity...)

There are 'Post It' notes all over the house with lists of stuff I don't want to forget..hmmm better write a list that tells me where all my lists are...
You know, I've decide it's one of life's eternal mysteries, that as you cross each thing of the 'to do' list, something new comes along to add to it - it NEVER GETS ANY SHORTER!
eg :  My gorgeous girl suggested that, rather than jumping into a taxi for a 4-5hr drive to Battambang as soon as I land, after a 12hr flight, I might want to consider spending a night or 2 in a hotel in Phnom Penh - to 'freshen up', as she so delicately put it, before I meet my new employer. Thanx for the tip baby girl, I think...

So, time to search Trip Adviser for hotels ( ..hang on, I'll just add that to the list ).

Rather than finding this overwhelming, it just makes the whole process more exciting.
It seems a Zen like approach is needed here because, no matter how long that list is, on the 5th October I WILL be on that flight, so if I haven't ticked everything off my list, who cares !

The scores of books that have been bought for CCT by those wonderful friends & family, are coming in, one or two at a time. I hope most of them arrive before I leave, but if not, my dear Jay will just have to mail them to me.

Thanks to Malaysia Air, who have cooperated by increasing my baggage allowance, I'll be able to carry an extra 10kg of books.

Still frantically compiling lesson plans. I can't finalize any of them until I know what the class structure will be; how many of the kids speak English, how many kids in each class, what age groups will be together, how many classes per week etc.. etc..

One thing that's come as a pleasant surprise is the number of publications available for teaching Ethics & Philosophy to children. I've been downloading all of the better ones I can find.

It's been a while since I've felt so positive that what I'm doing is right.
Despite the assurances of my own children, of every child I've ever cared for and of all of their parents, I've never truly believed that I have any skills of value - sure, I know children enjoy my company & I can always get children to cheerfully cooperate, with me and with each other, but I always assumed that everyone could, if they really wanted to. I think I'm finally realising that isn't the case.

They called me Mary Poppins, Fairy Godmother, Angel, Bodhisattva and, my personal favourite, The Baby Whisperer.
( Not much to live up to there...)

So my challenge then is to remember not to let my own self-doubt be a stumbling block...

                            ...all I have to do is keep on walking...

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  1. Thats a really good update ma. Glad you're starting to see the value that everyone else has always seen in you. xo