Saturday, 5 January 2013

# 23: "The Smoker you Drink, the Player you Get.." - Joe Walsh

And so, the Final Leg - New Years Eve awaits...

Having organised a gaggle of motos to carry us & our significantly lighter luggage, back into town for the 7am bus, we stood by the gate, nervously waiting as the clock ticked, gave a sigh of relief when they arrived only 5 mins late and then, like true locals, piled ourselves and all our bags onto the bikes.
Of course the bus left late anyway and this time it wasn't even full. Room to move. Flaming luxury!
Nevertheless, no morning coffee...again.
I believe I can feel a conniption coming on...
Starting my day without coffee is wrong, it's like, well, it's just....wrong.

After what I believe was a totally uneventful bus trip, although, since I slept pretty well the whole way, it is possible that we had several near misses, maybe even slaughtered a few animals along the way, 'cause we arrived in Phnom Penh in record time...just after 12.30pm.
Anyway, we went straight to the Paragon to dump our bags and enjoy a long, hot shower, then off to hit the Russian Market - Psah Toul Tom Pong ( sounds a lot like 'totem pole' - which is a totally meaningless observation, just sayin').
Oh, and 'Psah' means 'market'.

This is when we discovered another of Kate's hidden talents. That girl can really bargain !! We even had to buy new backpacks to carry all the stuff we bought.
But come the night, WE LOOKED GORGEOUS!!

OK, some more gorgeous than others..

 Heading to Kyra's apartment for a few little drinkies & snacks...

You have to admit, we look pretty damned stunning!!

At least at the beginning of the night..

Later on, maybe not so much...

Kyra, deciding to fortify our constitutions with something wholesome, had bought a cool Kermit-Green blender and a small mountain of yummy fruit; strawberries, raspberries, watermelon & mango with which to dilute the Vodka...
Not to mention fresh & crunchy  cucumber, capsicum and carrots to scoop up the delicious dips.
That really is a stupid phrase isn't it? "not to mention". when obviously, you are going to mention it...
Anyway, I digress.

Kyra, with all due ceremony, I hereby christen thee our Honorary 'Daiquiri Diva' !
Those drinks were sensational - if a little dangerously easy to drink..
Not a problem though, 'cause I'm pretty damned sure we covered the most important vegetarian food groups - being chock-full of fruit.. and potatoes...

And another countdown to midnight...

Then back into tuk-tuks and off into the bright lights & loud music of New Years Eve in Phnom Penh. 
The city was ALIVE!

I have to confess here that I'm not sure how many places we visited. I seem to recall sitting down at a place called "Ruby's"..which may or may not be where I took the pic below..
 No prizes for guessing which drink I ordered..

And the Charming Kyra welcomes you to this 'Charming' town.

and I definitely don't remember this little gem..
Dim Sums that can totally "Kick you Arse", I suppose.

So, while the memory may be a 'little' hazy, I do have photographic evidence that we didn't go straight to the venue that kept us dancing 'til just before sunrise
The now infamous PONTOON...

As I said: "later on, not so much.."
Yeh Kids, your old Ma had a bit of a Flashback and apparently danced all night. 
Don't even remember the last time I did that..I'm sure, if I could remember THIS night with any kind of clarity it would be to my undying embarrassment.
What happens on the dance floor, stays on the dance floor...tehehe..mostly.

Stevi..miss you already...

What a night !
*smiley face*

You girls are all so gorgeous, no wonder some repulsive slimeball decided to spike one of your drinks...

I guess it was a blessing, of sorts, that it only got one of you, since we were all sharing drinks and that when the crisis became obvious the rest of us were there to get you to hospital and nurse you back to your bubbly self. 

It was a shitty way to end a truly wonderful night.

The following day, when we were all back together again, we made an executive decision to call the officially recognised 1st January 2013, DAY ZERO, our year will only have 364 days, beginning with this beautiful sunrise on our very own 01.01.2013..

Now I'm back home at last, in my comfy little cabin, with my comfy 'little' bed and a DAMNED WEDDING UP THE STREET !!!   Aaaahh...Home Sweet Home.


  1. have certainly made up for lost time I'm the last few days. It's blogtastic!
    You certainly seem to have rung in the new year in style...fruit really does make cocktails healthy, right?
    The drink spiking is a bit of a downer, good thing you were all looking out for each other.
    Oh, and FYI, I think the last time you danced the night away was Al and Mel's wedding. You all looked gorgeous after your little shopping spree. I'm constantly jealous, but I'll be seeing you soon ma. The countdown is on! xxx

  2. hahaha... only danced HALF the night away at their wedding.
    As for fruit in cocktails, it may not be healthy for the brain, but it IS, most certainly, food for the soul!
    and it's approximately 59 days...give or take an hour or so!
    Can't wait to see you Baby Girl :)