Sunday, 27 January 2013

# 25: "Every Picture tells a Story.." - Ronnie Wood

First, to subtly remedy an omission from my last post...

and what's this?  A toy?
and it's a boy......

And that is all I have to say about my last weekend away...

So, another weekend in Phnom Penh, this time to celebrate Kyra's birthday.

With a start like this:

I should've known it would be another weekend to remember.

We left on the early bus and arrived at Kyra's, in time for the afternoon 'Daiquiri Hour', which is a lot like Cocktail Hour but with no dress code, daiquiris instead of cocktails and the time isn't really relevant...
Loaded down with gifts, munchies, a small mountain of fruit (to add to Kyra's largish mountain) and a wee bit of alcohol..Ok, lots of alcohol, I was all prepared for a nice, quiet, responsible evening in with the girls...
Yeh, that's a lie, with these sweet girls, no celebration is going to be quiet...or particularly responsible...

Me'n'Kyra doing our True Blood thing..
with raspberry daiquiris.
After a few hours, several kilos of fruit, a bottle or two of rum & vodka, some slightly disturbing photos and some beautiful & soulful 'poetry' recitals by Daisywe bravely set forth to enjoy dinner at the Yumi Restaurant - slightly ontixicated and realizing we were on the the 3rd floor of an apartment building with a steep, external staircase, not unlike a fire escape, I was impressed when we all made it to the ground below without.....well, without falling to an untimely death or, at the very least, to a broken bone or two, in the alley below...

Yumi. Japanese cuisine - bet you never guessed. 

This was a truly spectacular meal, too many dishes to name, but wasabi featured prominently as did the 2 birthday cakes - 1 from Kyra's friend & colleague (another Nat), and one that Daisy and Erin snuck off to buy, while the rest of us sampled a few vinos..
THE Birthday Cake

Yep, these girls are all Class.....

Over the next few hours we managed to finish pretty well everything on the table.
Home for a few more beverages.. and a slumber party ! Six slightly pissy chicks (btw, that's really hard to say when you're pissed...) on mattresses on Kyra's living room floor. Giggle time...

Breakfast on Sunday morning...well, at lunchtime, in a beautiful garden cafe:

Then Kyra and I had important business to take care of, while Erin & Daisy went off to get even more beautiful:
Blonde'n'Red Daisy...

 Back into a Tuk-Tuk, with Tara and Danni running shotgun, Kyra and I headed off to......

Where they served:

presumably, so you'd be numb for the Pretty Pictures....

followed by yet another delicious meal. Indian this time:

an evening listening to live jazz at River House - Nat's fiancee sings & plays sax,
... and the drummer was pretty damned cute..
 awesome music.

Started with a couple of tasty Reds, moved on to Black Russians, then Kamakazis & B52 shots, before heading back to (and I still find this hard to believe - LB is definitely on a headlong,masochistic race to oblivion) ... PONTOON..again...

Home to bed by 4am, this time, six REALLY pissy chicks all over Kyra's floor.
Oddly enough we missed the early bus home..missed the next one too...and the next one...made it to the 2pm and arrived home, a little weary, by 8.30pm.

Aaah...survived another weekend of fun, laughter and possibly, a little too much alcohol...


  1. here's what I get from this post.....
    A) my mother has regressed to an irresponsible teenager
    B) she's hanging out with the bad kids
    C) someone got a tattoo, though the pictures say nothing about the who, the where or the why (more info please)
    D) I'm 100% certain I can't keep up with the reckless abandonment of this group of ladies
    E) it appears I may need a holiday to recover from my holiday
    F) I may have to consider rehab for my dear old mum
    G) those first 2 pictures made me LOL
    H) please refer to C) MORE INFO PLEASE

  2. tehehehe...yep, the regression continues.
    You need to read more carefully - " Kyra and I had important business to take care of.."
    As to who got which, I reckon you can guess.....
    See you in 5 weeks and 6 days.

  3. I read it perfectly well...there is still not enough info. Where is it? Why did you decide on that particular design? Surely there is more to this than "I got drunk and got a tattoo"....spill woman!
    I'll see you in 5 weeks and 3days and 13 1/4 hours!